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CommonTater for Publishers

If you have a website and are looking for a great commenting solution, we are here for you. There are many problems associated with hosting comments on your own site:

  • Developing secure architecture.
  • Time consuming comment moderation.
  • SPAM handling
  • Page cluttering
  • Degradation of page quality

CommonTater is here to solve these problems by placing comments about your site on our site and at the same time giving you a large measure of control over the comment content. Our algorithm, combined with human screening will reduce SPAM and clutter, meanwhile we take responsibility for low quality comments. Besides relieving you of these problems there are additional advantages:

  • Every comment page provides a link back to your website.
  • Only pages with over 150 comment words are indexed by robots ensuring higher quality exposure to search engines.
  • Our sidebar gives your page and its comments additional exposure to traffic.

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