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Comments on Cuisinart CBK Bread Maker Review
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There are 12 comments on : Cuisinart CBK Bread Maker Review
Description: The Cuisinart CBK 200 Bread Machine is an excellent first bread maker. It does all the basics well, and allows the baker to expand her horizons..

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Anony Mouse on 09 Oct 2013 wrote:

This was a gift and is the 5th breadmaker that I've owned. I bake bread often and I've never been happy with the results. I have had less expensive models that worked a lot better. The bread comes out way too dark and crusty on top and the loaves...especially the white bread...are very crumbly and fall apart when cutting even though I am using a good quality bread knife to cut with and the loaves are totally cooled down. It is less than a year old and is not working properly anymore. The paddle attachment has broken off so the paddle will not stay attached. The second problem is that the bread pan keeps popping off during the mixing stage. I feel it is a poor design for those of us who like to bake our own bread often.
S Hen on 09 Jul 2012 wrote:

I received this bread machine as a gift to replace my failing Breadman. This machine never baked a decent loaf of bread whether I used a recipe that came with the machine or one of my own tried and true recipes. Customer service had no suggestions. They replaced the machine twice. I finally threw out the third machine and am looking for a new bread machine.
j1sh on 02 Apr 2012 wrote:

This is the 4th breadmaker I have owned.
I have had this model for over a year now, and have made most types of bread in it, from start to finish.
It's big, heavy and very easy to clean and read the controls and beeps to remind to remove paddle prior to baking.
Except for the first two loaves, it has been consistently good at baking bread.
The manual is clear, the website (http://www.cuisinart.com/recipes/breads.html) is useful and the customer support is good (I needed advice on a specialty bread).
Moderator on 18 Dec 2011 wrote:

Well, this is the second complaint we have heard about the CBK that has to do with the machine and customer service. We will have to look a little further into this one.
Susan Rubin on 17 Dec 2011 wrote:

I bought the breadmaker and had to replace it twice already. The bread only comes out good on nice days, otherwise the bread sinks every time. Tried all their suggestions but nothing helps. Even the dough for baguettes didn't come out right. The dough had crusty patches all over it. It's the worst breadmaker ever. I wish my husband didn't insist I buy it. Way too late to return it. Customer Service only goes by the book if you have problems. I don't think they have ever baked any bread. Takes me such a long time just to get the ingredients all to room temperature. Never had to do that with the two other breadmachines that I owned. Definitely not worth the money.
Moderator on 13 Nov 2011 wrote:

Joe is right, your machine is probably at fault. Contact the manufacturer to see if there is any thing you can do to program a solution or change a part to fix the problem.

To keep them simple, breadmachine perameters cannot be easily changed except in the higher end models like the Zojirushi.
Joe Scott on 13 Nov 2011 wrote:

Obviously, the new machine is cooking a little too hot or too long. Try setting a separate timer for the bread and take it out of the pan about 5 minutes before it would normally be done. This will probably get you a loaf of bread made more like what you prefer. However, that can be a lot of trouble. It may just be that the thermostat in your machine is off. Not sure if you can get a new one or you need a whole new machine.

Alternatively, I seldom cook the bread in the bread machine. I will make the dough in the breadmachine and then cook it in the oven.

I say if you are going to go through the trouble of making your own bread, then you ought at least to get it the way you would like it.
Robert Robinson on 12 Nov 2011 wrote:

I have just bought this machine and have made about 6 difference types of bread. The inside issoft but the crust is hard and dark. I have set the type to light and get the same result. French bread receipt came out hard inside and out. I had a Welbilt and never had any problem with it ove 8 years. What am I doing wrong

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