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Comments on Dill Rye Bread
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There are 7 comments on : Dill Rye Bread
Description: Our Dill Rye Bread Recipe is great for sandwiches, visit BreadInfo to find out more!.

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OIUeFdgzwfSA on 07 May 2016 wrote:

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OKT3I2XVD on 06 May 2016 wrote:

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dnxTSonrDg on 13 Sep 2015 wrote:

Ai Wei, you are first time to my blog right, Thanks for dropping by, I have added you in my blog list, will exorlpe your blog later.Yes, the bread is rather soft and nice, you could use the link attached to Hsling's recipe to try out her good recipe.
Bread Guy on 06 Aug 2011 wrote:

Hi Eileen. This recipe was made for breadmachines and so was designed without baking times, rising times and temps. I guess it was assumed that you would just push the "wheat bread" or "coarse grain" button on your bread machine.

I think you would be safe in hand-making bread from this recipe by going with the standard procedure for making bread by hand. This means a fair amount of kneading and resting in between.

Begin by mixing the dough and kneading for about ten minutes. Then let the dough-ball rise for about one hour and fifteen minutes. Knead for another five or ten minutes and then form into pans. Let sit about 45 more minutes (or until dough has "doubled"). Then bake in a 350 deg F oven for 40 minutes. But watch it close. Ovens do vary in temp so you may want it to go for a shorter period. I am hyper about watching food cook so I would check it after 20 minutes just to make sure that it is not getting over done.

You can tell it is done by thumping on the top of the loaf and hear a solid thumping sound.

Let me know how this turns out for you.
Eileen on 06 Aug 2011 wrote:

I want to use the dill rye bread recipe but, there is no baking time, rising time or baking temperatures for this recipe.
Can you help?

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